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With our revolutionary book, you can now learn to speak Mandarin using simple, basic phonics. Communicating is fun with our fast and easy Survival Chinese Phrasebook!

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Free Chinese Lessons from SPEAK E-Z CHINESE
Chinese lessons: Pronunciation Chapter I. Pronunciation
Chinese Lessons: Key Words and Sample Sentences Chapter II. Key Words & Sample Sentences
Chinese lessons: Grammar Chapter III. Grammar
Chinese lessons: Food and Drinks Chapter VIII. Food & Drinks
Chinese lessons: Shopping Chapter IX. Shopping
Chinese lessons: Go Ahead and Say It Chapter XIII. Go Ahead And Say It

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The BEST Chinese Mandarin Phrasebook?

We think so, but don't take our word for it -
Here's what our readers are saying ...

The revolutionary book, Speak E-Z Chinese, definitely does its job of teaching a tough language in a fun and realistic manner. Within about 30 minutes of reading you can learn all the basics to hit the ground running in China. If your goal is to get up to speed on basic Chinese as fast as possible, Speak E-Z Chinese is perfect.

-- Tango Diva Reviews

Concerned about language barriers?† Worry no more!† SPEAK E-Z CHINESE In Phonetic English (cathaycafe.com) by Zhao Fang and Tim Green is sure to turn a potentially frustrating experience into an enjoyable journey.

-- DreamScapes Travel & Lifestyle Magazine

Authors Timothy Green and Zhao Fang worked for two years to create a language book that made learning Mandarin easy and fun. It also had to contain words and phrases that travellers would use. The pair have a sense of humor as the book contains off-colour or potentially offensive phrases that, let's be honest, you might have to use in China. The book is timely.

-- Lisa Kadane,Calgary Herald

This amazing and delightful book serves up a generous amount of helpful travel information, as well as a revolutionary technique for learning the Chinese language easily in phonetic English.

-- Travelvideo. TV

I purchased your SPEAK E-Z CHINESE eBook and eCards and find them to be the best resource for learning Putonghua (Mandarin) that I have come across, and thatís no small matter considering I have tried Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur and others.

-- Spencer Sharp, Shenzhen, China

If you have never been to Mainland China, please remember this is not Hong Kong SAR, while 80% of Hong Kong speaks English; crossing the border results in only 20% of the population speaking it. Please bring a Mandarin Phrase Book with you. If you want the best one we have come across, then we recommend Speak E-Z Chinese.

--New Step International

My advice (what the heck, it's freely offered) is that if you're not planning on having your own private escort 24-7 in China, you better take a copy of this savvy book with you. I found it to be extremely helpful in being able to communicate in Chinese: first, to be able to speak it, secondly, to actually be understood. SPEAK E-Z CHINESE gives you just about any word or phrase you'll need - even adding slang and expletives!

-- Eric Swenson, American

Hey Everyone,
Just thought I'd mention, the course Chinese for Travelers at Chemeketa Community College (Salem, Oregon) is using SPEAK E-Z CHINESE as the class text!

- Tim Lowe

"I really enjoyed reading this book. I especially liked the 'Go Ahead and Say It...' section. I definitely learned some useful phrases."

-- Maria Gough, Canadian

"Speak E-Z Chinese has helped me not only to get around big cities in China, but also to bargain with the locals when shopping! It is really exciting for me that now that I can pronounce things properly, and I can communicate effectively with the Chinese people! I would definitely recommend this book to people who are just beginning to learn Chinese or to those who want to improve their pronunciation. I found it very helpful during my travels."

-- Patricia Edgar, Canadian

"A great primer for the slow-to-start - but enthusiastic - all you need to get up and gabbing."

-- Sean Moroney, American

"Hey guys - you made speaking Chinese pretty damn E-Z!"

-- Chance Henderson, American

"Dear Authors: Why not come out with a SPEAK E-Z ENGLISH?" (In Chinese, of course.)

-- Violet Liu, Chinese

"This book has proved invaluable in my travels around China. It is quick and easy to use and people actually understand my pronunciation! Wherever I go in China this book always comes with me. It has helped me communicate effectively in many different situations. It's a trusted friend."

-- Nick Carroll, British

"I found this book very useful and easy to use. It doesn't matter if you don't know Pinyin because it's also shown in phonetic English, which is a lot easier! I liked how this book explained the Pinyin (even dummies would understand it) and how the book was divided into several themes that one really should know when traveling through out China or living there. I'd definitely give it 5 stars out of 5 stars."

-- Patsy Halmos, Canadian

"This book is a must in your backpack if you are to explore China. It turns a potentially frustrating experience into an enjoyable journey! Thanks Speak E-Z!"

-- Adam Kuestermann, German/American

"I found this book very useful when I was traveling around China. It helped me learn basic vocabulary and some funny phrases. It's a great asset for learning the language."

-- Dominic Adie, Canadian

"Moving to China presents quite a challenge in terms of language. If it wasn't for "Speak E-Z Chinese" we might never have left our apartment! Now we're all over town and loving it."

-- Russ and Jodi Riley, American

More reviews on SPEAK E-Z CHINESE can be found at amazon.com, and shopping.msn.com.


What Makes Learning Mandarin so Easy with Your System?

SPEAK E-Z CHINESE In Phonetic English simply eliminates many of the complications of learning Mandarin. Our book translates the Chinese language into user-friendly words and phrases that can be read and then pronounced in straightforward phonetic English. The beginning student of Chinese no longer needs to decipher the old fashioned, ineffective Wade-Giles Chinese-to-English system, or trudge through the current, but just as difficult Pinyin Romanization method, in order to speak Chinese. As a native English reader and speaker, you can sound out the words and phrases in exactly the same way you learned to pronounce your vocabulary in grade school. It's that E-Z!

Just try it:

Chinese Pinyin
Phonetic English
xia yŪ ge
shee-ah ee guh

You see, with phonetic English you can already pronounce a word correctly in Chinese! Itís ideal for the traveler who is looking for a quick and easy guide for communicating effectively while visiting China. The English phonetic system is obviously the most helpful!

What's the deal with the "free downloadable audio version"
you provide at the Cathay Cafe?

We would like to thank Retreat Design and Elegant Smiles for helping us make this free audiobook available to everyone.

Although our book translates Chinese words and phrases into phonetic English, we understand the importance of hearing the correct tones with pronunciations spoken by native Chinese. In SPEAK E-Z CHINESE, we promised our readers the audio version of the book at no extra cost! We fulfill our commitment at this website.

How or Where do I purchase SPEAK E-Z CHINESE?

SPEAK E-Z CHINESE In Phonetic English is available for $11.95 USD. Our retailers include Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, B. Daltons, Chapters, Borders and most independent book sellers. Wholesalers include Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Whitaker (UK) and Thorpe-Bowker (AU). In addition, the e-book version of SPEAK E-Z Chinese can be downloaded here for only $6.00.

Rated "Bestseller" by Amazon.com!

Speak E-Z Chinese






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